[cairo] color lookup

Bogdan Nicula bogdanni at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 5 04:07:26 PDT 2006


I started using Cairo for one of my little applications 
(http://sidc.be/SWB/). Although my needs are modest (scaling, operators 
CLEAR and OVER), I will need SVG and OpenGL access, which I got via librsvg 
and glitz. Everything mostly works, except for the occasional bug and 
slowness of Render.

Most of my images are intensity images acquired by various instruments. The 
program colorizes several of them using some builtin colormaps. It doesn't 
make much sense to scale the images after they are colorized, while doing 
first the scaling requires me to either use a image surface (losing the 
potential hardware acceleration) or to read back the pixels (potentially an 
expensive operation).

Do you think it's possible/makes sense to add some API to look up the pixels 
for e.g a format A8 surface from a colormap just before doing the 
compositing operation?

Excuse me if I'm talking complete non-sense.


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