[cairo] Getting OS/2 surface into trunk

Dave Yeo dave_yeo at paralynx.com
Sat Apr 22 22:47:28 PDT 2006

As was discussed last year
Doodle has ported Cairo to the OS/2 Presentation Manager. With some
simple patches to configure.in and src/makefile.am and using the OS/2
ports of the auto* programs Cairo compiles fine using GCC 3.3.5 and
Doodles port of fontconfig 2.3.2 (stock freetype) and his examples also
run fine.
Right now the only OS/2 programs using Cairo are the Mozilla family and
Doodles screensaver but hopefully more are in development.
It would be nice to get Doodles OS2_SURFACE_FEATURE into the git trunk
and eventually release 1.2. (and picked up by Mozilla)
So with Doodles permission I would like to submit a large patch (or a
couple of smaller patches).
What would be the best way to submit this and is there any chance of
this being excepted?

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