[cairo] Updated ROADMAP for cairo 1.2.0 (and beyond)

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Apr 26 21:12:59 PDT 2006

On Thu, 27 Apr 2006 00:04:14 -0400, "Mike Shaver" wrote:
> As far as the Mozilla targets go, we're going to need improved
> performance well before December of 2006.  We could probably take
> performance fixes up until around then, but we'll need to be relative
> confident in our final performance state by the fall.

Thanks, that's good for me to know. That's exactly the kind of thing I
wanted to get from this.

> We're also hoping to get some tesselator improvements before the end
> of Q2,

When I switch to focusing entirely on performance (soon!), the
tessellator's going to be the first thing no my plate. I've been
itching to throw away our current code for a couple of years already.

>                                                         I'm not sure
> how far along the design of an improved tesselator is -- there was a
> promising prototype from keithp at one point, I seem to recall, so I
> have hope! -- but it would be good to know what the timeline is for
> that work.

The design has been done for a while, (heck, John Hobby did all the
hard work for that over a decade ago). And Keith and I did a prototype
in nickle quite a while ago. A C port of what we have should be quite
straightforward. It wasn't a complete implementation of the
tolerance-square stuff yet, but even what we had so far should be both
more robust and more performant than what's in current cairo. (Adding
tolerance square will then yield better robustness without affecting
the expected complexity of the algorithm.)

> What's the best way for us to provide more detail around our
> performance needs?  If the Target section moves into a Wiki, someone
> could update it there, but otherwise should Vlad just check in
> elaborations?

If you'd like to provide specific detail about things you need/want
from cairo, please feel free to go ahead and make a wiki page. Don't
bother waiting for me---I'll just drop the Target section from ROADMAP
when it becomes stale/redundant.

In the meantime, sure, Vlad can check in elaborations.

Thanks again.

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