[cairo] Updated ROADMAP for cairo 1.2.0 (and beyond)

Ralph Giles giles at ghostscript.com
Thu Apr 27 14:19:20 PDT 2006

On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 12:54:25PM -0700, Carl Worth wrote:

> Now, if what you want is to actually negotiate with cairo and live
> within what it can provide, then yeah, things are different. For
> example, maybe you want to provide a "save as" dialog that provides
> all the different SVG/PDF variants that the current cairo library can
> support.

Yes, I think this is a key use case for this.

> Then, back to the enum approach, we could do this by providing a query
> function that gives the largest supported enum value, as well as a
> function mapping the enums to symbolic strings.

I worry about the 'max enum' query because it may be painful to enforce 
a monotonic ordering of compiled in capabilities. E.g. output 
profile enum #23 may be sane, but #17 requires some non-free codec you 
later discover you don't want in your distribution. Better I think if 
the query returns a list. Could also just work with strings directly.

> Good point. By and large, these subsets fork off of a particular
> version of PDF, right? That is we don't get a 2D matrix here of PDF
> version and PDF variant, (though, yes, I realize there are multiple
> variants of PDF/X too).

They can generally be defined as a strict subset of some upstream 
version, yes. At least, so far no one's done anything incompatible
with Adobe. Either way, there's no need for a matrix, a simple
set will do.


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