[cairo] PS/PDF DPI bug

Christian Biesinger cbiesinger at web.de
Sat Apr 29 16:05:11 PDT 2006


since I've been working on the PS/PDF dpi bug, I thought I'd give you a 
status update.

The bug is that the PS and PDF backends ignore the DPI value set via 

The issue is that the paginated surface is the one that needs to know 
the DPI value when it does fallback drawing. And all actual drawing 
needs to be scaled according to the resolution.

The current state of my work is in the ps-pdf-dpi branch in my git 
repository. Things seem to work, although the testsuite has some 
failures that seem to be new and that I should investigate.

This branch is based on a merge of cworth/device-offset and cairo.
As part of this, I removed device_{x,y}_offset and made it a matrix.

I didn't quite understand the way fonts use device offsets, but I hope I 
made them work correctly.

Here's the gitweb link:
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