[cairo] Why are conical gradients in XRender but not in cairo?

Mirco Müller macslow at bangang.de
Wed Aug 16 03:45:30 PDT 2006

Greetings everybody!

	I'm curious again. Today I looked at XRender and verified that is
offers convolution filters and conical gradients. I know that
filter-support in cairo is still missing and planned to come in the
future. But I'm wondering about conical gradients. Why were they left
out upto now? Are they coming?

	At the moment is the performance-phase in cairos development. I'm well
aware of this. But it would be great to know where in the schedule slots
for those to bits are.

	Right now I'm looking with envious eyes at Qt 4.2 when seeing some of
the stuff Zack Rusin did...

	those are the kind of shadows I always wanted to implement in
cairo-clock (and I will probably do for 0.4.0 via fragment-shaders
"manually" :/ ):


	the code for the next two examples I've found on Zack's page on the
net... they actually work quite ok on my box:



	And the qtdemo from the Qt 4.2 preview even includes an
OpenGL-accelerated SVG-viewer supporting animation. CPU-load-wise it is
way better than anything we tried with the cairo-dock experiment some
weeks ago.

Best regards...

Mirco "MacSlow" Müller

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