[cairo] cairomm on OpenSUSE

Rick L Vinyard Jr rvinyard at cs.nmsu.edu
Sat Mar 4 20:56:44 PST 2006

The Fedora spec for cairomm is ready to go (I think). I got some help
from Pascal Blaser (an OpenSUSE packager) and the spec should
theoretically build rpms for OpenSUSE 10.1 as well.

The dual Fedora Core 5/OpenSUSE 10.1 spec is at
http://miskatonic.cs.nmsu.edu/pub/cairomm.spec if anyone wants to check
it out.

But, when he tested it, he kept running into problems with the OpenSUSE
cairo builds which have glitz enabled, and caused the cairomm build to

He sent me the build log which narrows it specifically to the glitz
surface code (along with his config.log). If anyone is interested I'll
post the files.

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