[cairo] Re: painting a source to coordinates on a surface

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Mar 7 11:42:04 PST 2006

On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 20:33:00 +0100, Norbert Fabritius wrote:
> Well, thanks for the quick and complete response.

You're welcome.

> When talking about questions...
> I'm using the c# binding of cairo and I'm still searching for a way to
> load svg-files as a surface. (or pattern).

Parsing of SVG files is something outside of cairo's scope, which
simply means that libraries above cairo should do it. The one I wold
recommend you look at is librsvg.

> Right now I'm using gdk with cairo-helper-functions for this, but this
> doesn't seem the cario-way.

The GDK image-loader stuff is probably just using librsvg to render
the SVG to an image (without cairo). There is newer support in librsvg
to render an SVG directly through cairo, (which allows for cairo-based
scaling and other transformation prior to rasterization). I don't know
think there is any direct support in GDK for this kind of thing, but
if you're already drawing with cairo then rendering with librsvg is
not much more work than a single call to librsvg.

> Is this a problem of the c# binding or cairo itself (or me) ?

I have no idea if c# bindings for librsvg exist or not.

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