[cairo] cairomm & gtkmm for windows

Frank Spies morpheus at squirrely.net
Sun Mar 12 11:04:24 PST 2006

hi all,

i've downloaded the gtkmm dev installer for ms windows from here:


and installed the 2.8.3 version
it also downloaded and installed the gtk dev package

it all works fairly well (after some tweaking) until i try to use cairomm
i had to download that separately from the cairomm site but now it can 
not find:


i've searched in various sources i've downloaded and googled and looked 
basically everywhere i could and just can not find the source nor 
(preferably) a windows binary version for this

can any of you help ?
point me to the source ?
or better yet binary for windows ?

it'd be really cool if there were a complete installer somewhere that 
does all of the gtk and *all *related packages
this is awesome stuff .. just very hard to pull together into one 
complete dev kit for windows

thanks for the time and help

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