[cairo] filters/image processing

MenTaLguY mental at rydia.net
Sat Mar 25 10:18:44 PST 2006

Having slept on it, I think pipeline variables definitely should be
flyweights, and also, instead of:

>  void
>  cairo_pipeline_assign (cairo_pipeline_t *pipeline,
>                         const char *name,
>                         cairo_pipeline_t *value);
>  void
>  cairo_pipeline_assign_from_pattern (cairo_pipeline_t *pipeline,
>                                      const char *name,
>                                      cairo_pattern_t *value);

...I think we should just have:

 cairo_pipeline_assign (cairo_pipeline_t *pipeline,
                        const char *name,
                        cairo_pattern_t *value);

That means we wouldn't have to worry about circular pipelines.  It's
also more consistent with the way we handle the input pattern, and I
think it may make the variable lookup semantics simpler.

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