[cairo] 8 bit pseudo color missing.

Eric Faurot eric.faurot at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 04:46:23 PST 2006

Ok, here it is.

It is not too fast, especially on a remote display, but at least it
does not crash (I hope). It should even produce reasonnable output,
provided that colormaps are not changed too much after the first calls
to cairo drawing functions. It might even work on StaticGray/GrayScale
displays.  I do not have a deep knowledge of neither X11 nor cairo, so
tell me if you see something awfully wrong.

Please test and report, especially those who are stuck with 8 bit
displays.  I do not plan to write something more complicated/efficient
for now. So, if someone is interested in really improving that fix,
please do so.

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