[cairo] Re: Making Cairo friendlier for embedded use

Leon Woestenberg leonw at mailcan.com
Tue Mar 28 07:53:45 PST 2006

Hi all,
Damian Dixon wrote:
>>From: Leon Woestenberg [mailto:leonw at mailcan.com]
>>I assume that "low powered" means having no FPU then, instead of the
>>wattage your targets are consuming :-)
> No FPU or very limited with CPU clock speeds starting at 350MHz.
> OS's include VxWorks 5.4, 5.5 & 6, as well as Linux and M$.
> We also provide support for M$ Windows (Desktop, Server and Embedded).
> Smallest memory target is 32MB with OS and Graphics taking up 12MB of
> the available memory.

Our embedded platform profiles are:

200+ MHz, no-FPU (such as Intel IXP42x, or ARM9's).
200+ MHz FPU targets (Cirrus ARM9 EP9307 or Freescale Coldfire 5274 or 

Minimum OS: uCos-II (50 kB), eCos (60 kB), Linux (1 MB)
Minimum applications: 1 MB.

No graphics accelerators so far, however we are interested in seeing if 
we can find embedded GPU's that match our requirements (mostly HDTV 
output, OpenGL drivers).

More than just the embedded targets, interesting is what deserves the 
most attention in terms of what changes we would like to see to existing
packages to be feasible for deployment on these targets.

For example, X is often too resource hungry. "Directfb" will do it for 
us. Debian has ported (well, Mike Emmel has!) their installer (GTK 
based) to directfb.

Interesting could be to generate a small configuration of cairo, 
freetype, GTK and directfb.


Leon Woestenberg.
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