[cairo] RE: You have been unsubscribed from the cairo-announce mailing list

Nathaniel Gray n8gray at caltech.edu
Thu Nov 2 18:52:30 PST 2006


I recently got the message below telling me that I'm unsubscribed from 
cairo-announce.  The problem is, I'm not *truly* subscribed to the main 
cairo list -- I've disabled delivery from that list.  Why?  Because in 
our wonderful modern world one needs to be subscribed to a list in order 
just to *post* to that list, even if one has no interest in following 
the list on a daily basis.  I often find that I come and go from random 
projects, asking a question here, filing a bug report there, submitting 
a patch somewhere else, then going away for a month, a year, or forever. 
  I've dipped my toes in a ton of projects, and if I had to actually 
*read* the messages from all the lists I've asked questions on I would 
never get any work done!

My point is that I don't want to unsubscribe from cairo@ because I may 
someday want to post a message (like this one!), but I also don't want 
to unsubscribe from cairo-announce because that's the list that I 
actually care about right now.  So if I re-subscribe to cairo-announce 
is a robot going to unsubscribe me again or will I be left in peace? ;^)


PS:  If it's not obvious by now, please CC me with replies.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: You have been unsubscribed from the cairo-announce mailing list
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 17:51:01 -0800

You're receiving this message because your address appeared on both
the cairo at cairographics.org and cairo-announce at cairographics.org
mailing lists.

We realized that we didn't want any cairo users to miss out on any
important announcements so we are now sending a copy of every
cairo-announce message to the cairo at cairographics.org list as well.

So your address is being unsubscribed from cairo-announce just to
reduce the number of duplicates you get. You shouldn't miss out on any
announcements though, (in particular, look for an announcement very
soon about the cairo 1.2.6 release).

And as always, have fun with cairo!


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