[cairo] ANN: Crucible 1.7 release

Bryce Harrington bryce at osdl.org
Mon Nov 6 12:26:31 PST 2006

Hi all,

This is an announcement of a new Crucible 1.7 release.  Much has changed
in this release, most notably including a new, easy to use installation

We have been using the crucible installation at OSDL for running Cairo
and GEGL testing, and also use it for kernel testing with NFSv4, CPU
hotplug, and more.  We'd love to see it used for more widespread
testing, and are providing the code for anyone that would like to set up
their own environment:


Crucible provides a powerful, flexible backend for building automated
testing systems. It allows for conducting tests on multiple machines
(via NFS), including patching, rebuilding, and booting new kernels,
libraries, and services. Configuration and customization can be done
through simple config files and bash scripts. It is suitable for
performing tests of GUI applications, services, libraries, and kernel

Changes:  A new installation system is in place, which should make it
straightforward to getting a basic crucible install up and running
quickly.  Lots of documentation has been added.  There is a new
post-installation test 'make installcheck'.  Directory locations have
been abstracted.  Internals have been abstracted and generalized, giving
more flexibility for customization/extension.  Several new subcommands
added to 'sut' script for managing system images, adding new machines,
etc.  A new queue_plan script is added for doing easier one-off
testruns.  Kernel building is more robust and generalized.


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