[cairo] Cairo Performance Test

KULBHUSHAN PACHAURI kb.pachauri at samsung.com
Sat Aug 4 21:20:09 PDT 2007

 Hi All, 

 I am running cairo performance on win xp. By default cairo will run each test case for 100 iterations.
         Backend content   test name           size     ticks    mins(ms) median stddev  iteration
 For ex: win32-rgb        paint_solid_rgb_over-256     226044    0.076    0.091 16.41%  93

 But in iteration its showing 93.

 What it mean...

 Can anynone please let me know about it.

 How to make this iteration fixed for each run say 1000 or 10000. with -i options also this is not coming same for different runs.

 Also where actually glyph to surface conversion is happening. 

 I think its in _add_glpyh funtion. It mean that when ever there is call to show_glpyh function it check whether glyph surface are already in cache 
 if not then it _add_glpyh will convert to surface and it to global cache. 

 Please correct me if i analysed the above flow wrong. 

 Thanks in advance.



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