[cairo] Cairo on embedded device

Jean-Claude Repetto jcrepetto at mxm.eu
Tue Aug 7 04:07:04 PDT 2007

Shabbir Bharmal wrote :
> I am trying to port swfdec(flash library) on ARM9. swfdec internally 
> uses cairo for all the rendering stuff. So I want to know whether cairo 
> will work properly on my device or not?
> My LCD is supporting 16 bpp and it supports RGB555 format. So will cairo 
> work? Or I will have to include support for RGB555?
> Regards,
> Shabbir

I am using Cairo on an embedded device (ARM).
The LCD supports RGB565 format, and I have used the patch provided by
David Hill (see

I don't think RGB555 is supported at this time.


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