[cairo] plots of contiguous rectangles

Tamas K Papp tpapp at Princeton.EDU
Wed Aug 8 09:50:16 PDT 2007


I am drawing plots of contiguous rectangles (a grid of rectangles,
each with different color, to represent a 2d function).  The
boundaries of the rectangles are not integers.

When using a bitmap surface w/ white background, white lines appear
between the rectangles -- I guess this is an artifact of antialiasing.
Adding 0.5 on the sides gets rid of this, but then on the edge of the
rectangles, artifacts appear from drawing twice (see left side of
attached image).

How could I get rid of both?  Snapping to integer grids is something I
want to avoid: I am drawing on vector and bitmap surfaces, and I would
have to keep tack of which is which.  But if there is not other
solution, I can try to manage that, I just need to know.

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