[cairo] graph plotting using cairo

Milan Stanojević milanst at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 12:35:16 PDT 2007

I'm not sure how you are drawing the text, I hope with Pango since
it's a GTK+ program. I've noticed that in otherwise similar
conditions, using pango_cairo_show_layout() is vastly superior in
speed than setting the layout_path() and either stroking or filling it
to the context (fill of course gives a bit different visual result as
the others):
Interesting point. I am not using Pango unfortunately because I didn't
find any OCaml bindings for it.

Xorg using a lot of CPU sounds like falling back to software
rendering, do you have any experiences in other setups (different
drivers, different graphics card)?
It was a bit better when I tried it on nvidia card machine, but
machine is also faster than the one one that I am working on.

In any case, I have 10 frames a sec, each one being drawn in at most
1ms, so that's some 10ms/sec. But Xorg is still taking 70-80% CPU?
Does it mean that Cairo calls are nonblocking and that they just
delegate drawing to X and return immediately?

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