[cairo] Cairo 1.4.10 and maemo

Michael Dominic K. mdk at mdk.am
Fri Aug 17 05:08:13 PDT 2007


For the Chinook (the next coming maemo release) we're currently
sticking to cairo 1.4.6. I did some basic benchmarking with cairo
1.4.10 on the target and it seems it gives us a fine 10-15% speed
improvement in text rendering. As we're currently using cairo only for
text rendering this is the only relevant factor in the maemo context.

I was thinking about pushing 1.4.10 forward, but Xan hinted that in
this version there might be still some problems with text rendering
coming from different threads. Are those concerns still valid with
1.4.10? I did basic testing and couldn't notice any obvious problems.
What do you recommend?


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