[cairo] rendering a tight mesh

Tamas K Papp tpapp at Princeton.EDU
Thu Aug 23 11:57:34 PDT 2007


Recently I asked about plotting contiguous rectangles without white
lines in between.  Carl suggested that I snap to device integers,
which did work nicely and I am happy with that solution.

During the discussion, I learned that Cairo can't render tight meshes
on pixmaps [1].  I am working on a plotting package, and I am thinking
about other kind of plots, eg one in polar coordinates, where
concentric circles and rays from the origin define areas to be colored
with different colors.

I guess that snapping to integers won't be a solution for this one.
So I thought I would ask: is support the rendering of tight meshes
planned for the future?  What are the obstacles that prevent it now?



[1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/cairo/2007-August/011184.html

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