[cairo] how to propose a change?

ionous lists at ionous.net
Fri Aug 24 13:10:36 PDT 2007

hi . - i'm new to cairo but i've been looking through the source, 
learning how it works, and have found a couple areas where i would like 
to contribute if i can.

( for background's sake: i'm a professional game developer with 10+ 
years of experience and though currently a tad under-employed, have 
recently begun using cairo to do semi-realtime user interface mockups 
for an indy game a friend of mine is developing )

the first thing i wanted to play around with is a relatively minor, but 
hopefully useful, memory optimization to path storage.  i've written up 
a pretty complete description of the change  ( it's a tad long ^_^ ) but 
should i post it here? should i just go ahead and make the changes then 
post a patch?  what would be best?

i also would be interested, as i learn my way around,  in doing some ( 
no big commitments here ) code side documentation-- are there any 
guidelines i should follow on that front?

thanks for the info,
( and thanks for cairo -- its very cool and very useful. )

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