[cairo] Extended blend mode support

Emmanuel Pacaud emmanuel.pacaud at lapp.in2p3.fr
Sun Jan 21 23:53:30 PST 2007


I'm working on extended blend mode support in cairo, and would like some
comments and help. I've published the beginning of this work in the
"blend" branch of my repository:


It includes a new XFAIL extended-blend test.

There's also a patch that adds full support of these blend operators to
librsvg, here:


And a test file here:


Currently, I've only done the FbCombineFooU variants of the pixman
combine functions. They seem to produce good results, except perhaps for
soft light blend (Rendering the svg test file produces a couple of wrong
pixels, but I'm not sure where is the issue, cairo or librsvg).

I'm going to implement the FbCombineFooC variants, but I don't
understand what they are supposed to do. What sort of cairo call
triggers a call to these functions ?

Any comments on the current state of this work?

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