[cairo] cairo windows development setup?

Vladimir Vukicevic vladimir at pobox.com
Tue Jul 3 02:23:40 PDT 2007

Travis Griggs wrote:
> It's been about 6 years before I compiled/debugged applications for 
> Windows. Back then, it was MS VisualStudio 6. And then I was allowed the 
> wonderful grace of forgetting all of that and using vim/ddd/gcc and/or 
> Xcode for the Mac. Now though, I want to do some 
> development/debugging/experimentation on Windows, specifically for 
> Cairo. I'm curious what tools other Cairo/Windows developers are using. 
> VisualStudio? What version? Or maybe cygwin tools instead?

Either cygwin or visual studio should work fine; cygwin will give you a 
bit smoother ride (e.g. you'll just ./configure and go), but I 
personally use the latest Visual Studio and the Makefile.win32's that 
are in the cairo tree.  Some of these are a little crufty, so you may 
have to add/remove files as necessary, but it should get you a static 
lib and a dll, and let you run the tests and perf benchmarks, as well as 
use the Visual Studio debugger.

The free Express version of Visual Studio should work fine as well; 
you'll have to install the Platform SDK separately and then munge your 
env vars (LIB/INCLUDE/PATH/etc.) to point to the right things (it may 
come with some scripts to help with this, not sure), but you don't need 
the full commercial version.

    - Vlad

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