[cairo] On the behaviour of cairo_scaled_font_create with regards to font options

David Turner david at freetype.org
Mon Jul 9 10:14:02 PDT 2007

Hi Behdad,

> Hi David,
> I'm trying to get back to reviewing your cairo-ft rewrite, so we need to
> resolve this issue first.
I don't think this is a blocker at all, since my patch implements both behaviours,
depending wether you use the old unsafe APIs, or the new safe ones. It should be
pretty trivial to change it to be consistent in one direction or the other.

> >From my understanding the reason for the skewed pattern is that
> cairo_font_face_t is built for a fontconfig pattern and the pattern is
> never touched anymore during scaled_font creation.  So, to have the
> fontconfig configuration stuff work properly, one needs to know all the
> font options before creating font_face_t.
> What you suggest (to override pattern options with font-options during
> scaled font creation) works, except that some fontconfig configurations
> won't work anymore.
either fontconfig is broken by design, or Cairo is not using it properly. I believe the latter.

from what I understand, there are two kinds of "patterns" in FontConfig, and both
are implemented through a FcPattern object:

- a "query" pattern describes what the user would like to use as a font. It may not
  contain much (for example, a simple family name and a size) and is sent to fontconfig's
  matching engine.

- the engine uses it to produce a "match" pattern, which should correspond to the user wishes
  expressed in the query, as well as the configuration rules embedded in the system and
  user-specific fontconfig config files. these patterns always provide things like a file
  pathname for the corresponding font file, a face index within this file, some
  additionnal flags, etc... and can be used to open a font file with FreeType or other
  font engines and render their content properly.

due to the way fontconfig works, there can be enormous differences between what
is asked in a query-pattern, and what is retrieved in the corresponding match-pattern.
the fontconfig configuration language is pretty complex and expressive and can do all sort of
weird tricks. for example, it is possible to write configuration rules that would always
invert a user's preferences with regards to a given rendering parameter. I.e. something
along the lines of:

- if the query-pattern asks for anti-aliased rendering, return a monochrome rendering match-pattern
- if the query-pattern asks for monochrome rendering, return an anti-aliased rendering match-pattern

this is just to show that the configuration language is very complex.

Now, if we consider that the patterns passed to the scaled font creation functions are
"match-patterns" *only*, then it is natural to consider that the cairo_font_options_t we used on
them describe specific rendering over-rides that the user want to be applied to the resulting font.
Note that by default, a fresh new font options objects only contains fields with a value of "default",
which means always use the setting from the original pattern and/or target surface.

On the other hand, if we consider that the patterns passed to the scaled font creation functions
are "query-pattern", then we might want to enable all the really stupid things, which means something
along the lines of:

- copying the original query-pattern into a new one
- if needed, modify the new query-pattern according to the cairo_font_options_t fields !
- re-run a fontconfig query to create a match-pattern (this is sloooooow)
- use the latter to do the rendering...

In comparison, the current scheme is:

- if the scaled font was created from a FcPattern, ignore all fields of a cairo_font_options_t,
  only use the settings in the pattern, if any

- if the scaled font was not created from a FcPattern, apply the cairo_font_options_t fields

which is a blatant lack of abstraction, confusing and a pain to deal with if you want to write portable code
with Cairo, since you need to "remember" somewhere if a given scaled font was created with Cairo or not
(and if it is, you need a way to access the corresponding pattern to alter its fields if needed).

I would thus suggest to implement both "correct" schemes in Cairo. I personally think that using
query-patterns as input to scaled-font creation is stupid, but there is no reason that we should prevent
people to shoot themselves in the foot if they really want to. Just make the query/match choice explicit
when creating the scaled font from the pattern, in order to greatly optimize the first case.

> Given the way fontconfig works (that you can totally choose different
> fonts based on anything (size, etc...)), I don't see how this can be
> fixed without regression.
I hope my proposal would work. If not, I'd be happy to know exactly why.

And thanks a lot for looking at this patch. I greatly appreciate it.


- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (www.freetype.org)

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