[cairo] The wiki is growing

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Jul 10 10:11:34 PDT 2007

In spite of some inadvertent roadblocks that we put in the way[*] the
cairo wiki is growing nicely.

For example, Nis Martensen just ported Michael Urman's python-cairo
tutorial to C and posted it on the cairo wiki here:


It's nice because this is really the first time we've ever had a good
tutorial on the website, or even wiki pages including graphics hosted
within the wiki itself.

I encourage people to try the tutorial out, and improve and expand it
as desired. Next, I'd love to see cairographics.org/samples get merged
into the wiki as well, (dropping references to libsvg-cairo and also
dropping the normalized coordinate space which has been the source of
a lot of confusion).

Someone might even do something fancy like make it a simple matter of
uploading a cairo snippet as a wiki source page and having an ikiwiki
module generate the resulting graphical output and a dynamic index
page, (see cairographics.org/news for an example of a dynamic index
that already exists).

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Nis, and encourage the positive
developments to continue.


PS. Ikiwiki is definitely doing weird things with git commits. It
looks like newly created pages aren't getting committed directly, but
are instead left as local file modifications (perhaps in the git
index), that get rolled into the next git commit made by another wiki
editor. We should get that fixed soon, but in the meantime I apologize
for the misattribution of some edits and any confusion it might
cause. We do appreciate all contributors and we hope to have your
contributions properly attributed soon!

[*] Nis had problems subscribing to this mailing list here:


    and problems cloning the cairo-www repository here:

	git clone git://cairographics.org/git/cairo-www

    Hopefully, both problems are permanently fixed now.

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