[cairo] Fill+stroke optimisation for the SVG backend

Emmanuel Pacaud emmanuel.pacaud at lapp.in2p3.fr
Tue Jul 31 14:07:31 PDT 2007


I've recently tried to optimize the output of the SVG backend in the
case of consecutive calls to fill and stroke with the same path, and
only emit one <path> element in this case.

I've begun this work in working only on the SVG backend code, but
changed my mind and done it at the meta-surface level, hoping that could
benefit to the other vector backends.

The result of this work is in the fill-stroke branch in this repository:


The thing I don't like in what I've done is the new fill-stroke backend
method, which seems redundant with the two other fill and stroke
methods. And also I wonder if this optimisation makes sense for the PDF
and PS backends. Is it possible to use the same path data for fill and
stroke in a PDF or PS file ?

Any comments ?


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