[cairo] svn output clipped transparent

Tamas K Papp tpapp at Princeton.EDU
Thu Jun 7 05:37:41 PDT 2007


The right and lower sides of the svg files I output with Cairo seem to
be clipped.  The SVG and the screenshot of how mirage and eog (Linux
utilities) render it is attached.  The SVG appears to be OK, but I
don't know much about it -- is this a bug in Cairo or the SVG reader

The figures were created by the following Common Lisp code (if you
don't know CL, all these operations map directly into Cairo calls).
libcairo2 is from the Debian package, version 1.4.6-1.1.

(defparameter *surface* (create-svg-surface "example.svg" 200 100))
(setf *context* (create-context *surface*))
(destroy *surface*)
;; clear the whole canvas with blue
(rectangle 0 0 200 100)
(set-source-rgb 0.2 0.2 1)
;; draw a white diagonal line
(move-to 200 0)
(line-to 0 100)
(set-source-rgb 1 1 1)
(set-line-width 5)
;; destroy context, this also destroys the surface and closes the file
(destroy *context*)


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