[cairo] Pre-release snapshot before cairo 1.4.8 (win32 mutex testing needed)

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Jun 7 14:04:47 PDT 2007

We're in the process of making a 1.4.8 release. Before we announce it,
I'd love to get some quick feedback to make sure we didn't break
anything, (in particular with the mutex changes on systems like
win32). Here's a tar-file snapshot for testing:


If anyone can get me feedback on that within 24 hours I'll incorporate
any minor changes necessary into the release. Otherwise it will ship
as-is. Thanks.


PS. This 1.4.8 release will cap off the excellent robustness
improvements that Chris Wilson has made so single-handedly with his
malloc fault injection. In addition to the dozens of bugs this work
fixed that nobody had it yet, it also fixed a bug triggered by
gnome-about that dozens of people had hit, (and that Behdad had been
wanting to track down and fix).

This release will also include the solid-pattern cache (originally by
Jorn Baayen), with the addition of the xlib workqueue, (again, by
Chris Wilson), that fixes the multi-threaded problems with the
original cache. Good stuff, all around!

And many thanks to Chris for carrying the torch so well over the past
month. I greatly appreciate it!
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