[cairo] Updates for DirectFB backend

Claudio Ciccani klan at users.sf.net
Fri Jun 8 03:14:12 PDT 2007

Claudio Ciccani wrote:
> Carl Worth wrote:
>> On Mon, 21 May 2007 21:46:24 +0200, Claudio Ciccani wrote:
>>> Attached is a big patch againt the DirectFB backend with important fixes
>>> and improvements (and some cleanup).
>> I'd really prefer to see that as a series of independent commits:
>> 	* important fix 1
>> 	* important fix 2
>> 	* improvement 1
>> 	* improvement 2
>> 	* cleanup
>> 	* etc. ...
>> In any case, I'm definitely not about to commit a "bit patch" without
>> any commit message describing it at all.
>>> If possible, I'd like a Git account with write access (I already own an
>>> account at freedesktop for Mesa).
>> What's your account name?
> klan
>>> - * Contributor(s):
>>> + * Cairo/DirectFB backend developed by:
>> The word "Contributor" has a particular definition on the MPL, so I
>> think it really should not be changed here.
> Sorry, I will revert.

Attached is my last code.

Here is the ChangeLog:
- Fixed support for surfaces smaller than 8x8: allocate an 8x8
  surface and then return a subsurface with the requested dimension;
- Fixed support for surfaces requiring format conversion:
  allocate a surface that can only grow (used when cairo ha to access
the contents) and, if the surface is locked only for reading, flip (by
blitting) the source surface before doing the format conversion;
- Fixed coordinates transformation: only invert the matrix when using
Texture Triangles;
- Fixed support for resizeable (non local) surfaces: update the
  dimension when cairo_directfb_surface_get_extents() gets called;
- Added support for ARGB32 fonts;
- Removed unused functions;
- Improved code cosmetics.

Better applying before releasing cairo 1.4.8, if possible. There are
important fixes.

     Claudio Ciccani

klan at users.sf.net
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