[cairo] Pre-release snapshot before cairo 1.4.8 (win32 mutex testing needed)

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Jun 8 15:40:26 PDT 2007

On Thu, 7 Jun 2007 19:08:16 -0700, sam sirlin wrote:
> this works for me:
> #include <X11/Xlib.h>
> #include <X11/extensions/Xrender.h>

Thanks for the fix. This is pushed out now, so will be in 1.4.8.

> To do make check, perf/Makefile linking needs -lrt for sched_yield

Hmm... is that something I should add unconditionally? Can someone
suggest a good, portable solution here?

> FAIL: check-def.sh
> FAIL: check-plt.sh

Those might be worth looking into on your end. It's possible that your
system just doesn't support the PLT bypassing that cairo is checking
for here, (in which case it would probably make sense to disable this
test in that case).

> [249]    image-rgb     text_similar_rgb_source-256    FAIL: cairo-perf
> 1 of 1 tests failed

Seeing cairo-perf fail is really odd---it doesn't actually test
anything. We're just running it as part of the test suite to ensure it
doesn't segfault or something.

Did the rest of the test suite run? (You should get tons of images
matching cairo/test/*-out.png for example).

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