[cairo] PDF output, drawing text

Torsten Mohr tmohr at s.netic.de
Sun Jun 10 09:40:03 PDT 2007


i have started a small C program and i'd like to draw some text on
a PDF surface.  For every PDF there are already about 14 fonts defined,
if i remember correctly, so for some basic fonts i don't realy need
to define any fonts.

Can i also draw some basic text with cairo on a PDF surface and make
use of PDFs internal fonts?  I think it should be somehow possible
to make use of PDFs internal fonts, maybe create a font based on a
Surface that needs to be PDF?

If that is not possible, is there an example available on how to draw
text on cairo-pdf?

In the documentation (API reference) there were some FT* (FreeType_something)
defined that i need to hand over to cairo.  I don't know where to get
these FT*.  Also, google did not help here.

Can anybody be so kind and give me some hint?  I use 1.4.6 on Linux but want
to write portable code that can also run on Win32.

Best regards,

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