[cairo] 1.6 schedule?

Baz brian.ewins at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 05:25:31 PDT 2007

Hi guys,

On the roadmap we're targeting firefox and gnome with the 1.6 release;
the relevant dates are July 17 (ff3 b1 code freeze) and of course on
the Gnome side, Guadec is July 15. That's only 3 weeks away, and
theres a lot of features on the roadmap...

Vlad, would you still expect to merge 1.6 before b1?

Behdad, do any of your new font features need me to fill in a mac backend?

Carl, is there anything else janitorial you'd like me to do by then?
Like, say, repeat this fix from Chris Wilson across the mac code?

Various outstanding patches I have that could/should be landed:

The patch to make quartz/atsui built when available, enable
documentation for both, mark symbols as 'since 1.6', etc. Written but
not sitting on a public branch at the moment, I'll make a brannch
which adds the quartz ref images for the 'as good as it gets'

Luca Barbato's altivec patch. Its on the roadmap, hasn't changed in
ages and should be pushed or dropped - its not going to improve any
unless people are using it. This might actually make a difference to
firefox, now they're talking about dropping 10.3.9 for firefox3, since
this only applies to 10.4/PPC (and non-OSX PPC builds)

A bunch of return-value fixes that need to go in in some form, needs review:

Mox Soini's fix that triggered an assertion if you hit a bad image in
a quartz pattern. needs review. Seems likely to be tripped if tests
are added for new colour depths, discussed on list recently.

patches to make invalid glyphs a warning not an error, need review
again (I've changed them since you last read them behdad):


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