[cairo] Cairo documentation

Nis Martensen nis.martensen at web.de
Mon Jun 25 03:17:08 PDT 2007


 - The following URLs (from http://cairographics.org/documentation/) are
   currently "403 Forbidden":

 - Both the start page and http://cairographics.org/news/ do not mention
   the 1.4.8 release. Is the note on the bottom of the start page still
   up to date?

 - Looking for documentation on how to get started with cairo, I started
   by looking into the doc/tutorial directory of the source distribution. 
   Unfortunately, this was not helpful:
	o The Makefile in doc/tutorial/src/ didn't work (e.g., cairo.h
	  was not found -> lots of errors occurred.)
	o The README in this directory mentions the URL
	  which does not exist.
   It looks as if it was planned to put some of the demos here, but this
   work was stalled? Should the README be updated to reflect the current

 - It would be nice if the cairo-demo programs were more easily
   accessible---For example, if they could be downloaded via git or as a

 - Finally I found some typos in some READMEs. Patch attached.

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