[cairo] rendering UTF8 text

Ulrich Mierendorff ulrich.mierendorff at gmx.net
Tue Jun 26 03:08:29 PDT 2007


Kalle Vahlman schrieb:
> As far as I understand, it's "toy" API in the sense that it only
> renders RTL (well, I guess LTR too in a sense...) languages (ie. not
> vertical), doesn't do any kind of layouting (wrapping, justifying etc)
> and so on.
I think RTL and LTR could be problem, but I do not know if it is needed, 
because my (GUI) library is especially made for games. Vertical text is 
a thing I will not support, because in most cases those languages are 
using horizontal text in computer mediums too. And it would be very 
difficult to support vertical formatting in the Widgets...
> But if your text rendering needs are limited to simple cases where it
> will suffice to just output a string of letters, I guess using
> show_text() will suffice. Not sure how the toy api handles different
> encodings though...
For some reasons I will render text line by line. Automatic wrapping 
would be very nice but I also have to support something like text 
selection by mouse and if the text is automatically wrapped, I do not 
know which letter is at a given mouse position. However, this is not a 
problem to be discussed on a cairo mailing list ;-)

Ulrich Mierendorff

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