[cairo] Erasing A Line

Allen allen.saucier at cas-inc.com
Wed Jun 27 13:44:27 PDT 2007


I'm a totally newbie to Cairo but I FAR prefer it to the .Net <blah>.

Could someone possibly tell me how to erase a line once I've drawn it?  
I've tried to determine the "background" color of my Drawing area widget 
- it's not white but WILL be a picture eventually - and the Cairo 
context info does not show me how to get the background color before 
drawing on it.

Eventually, I will be drawing on a Picture but the line must be erasable 
as it's being drawn because the user is to be allowed to click on a 
"spot", drag to another "spot", and release.  While they are "dragging" 
the cursor (mouse pointer) around, I need to have the line erased & 
redrawn dynamically.

Would y'all please help me?

Thanks so much.  I really appreciate this.

Sincerely, Allen

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Software Engineer
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Madison, AL  35758
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