[cairo] Cairo version now at 1.5.1

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Jun 27 14:50:42 PDT 2007

With 1.4.10 out now, I think we're definitely ready to start more
serious work on getting 1.6 done. So I've gone ahead and bumped the
version of cairo to 1.5.1 so people should feel free to start pushing
stuff out that is clearly 1.6 material.

Some of the things that have been starting to stack up include:

 * Adrian's finer-grained fallback work, (I know Adrian wanted some
   help on the device offset+scale issue which I hope to look at

 * Vlad's 24.8 work. Vlad, did you need more review on this or is it
   ready to go?

 * Soeren's use-external-pixman-library work.

 * Other things?

I know I haven't had as much time to put into cairo lately as I would
like to. But I also hope this doesn't slow things down. And the work
I described above appears to suggest that things are still continuing
nicely, which is great! So keep up the good work, everybody!

And have fun!


PS. I know that the website is still stuck with stale NEWS, (like
cairo 1.4.6), and missing pages, (like BIBLIOGRAPHY). I'm committing
now to fixing the website before I continue any other work.
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