[cairo] cairo never render text in svg

Kreller, Marcus MKreller at ime-actia.de
Thu Jun 28 02:04:42 PDT 2007


for one of my projects in Visual C++ 6.0 under WinXP I render SVGs with
librsvg 2.16.1. These SVGs
contain some text tags like this:

<text x="10" y="10" >...</text>

Cairo with librsvg works fine but all redered SVGs displayed without
text. No error or something else.
I put the sources of cairo, librsvg and pango (v 1.16) into my project
to debug someone, but I dont find the reason. I tested my svgs
additional with Firefox and Gimp and here the text was diplayed.
These programs also use cairo+librsvg+pango to picture svgs.	 

What am I doing wrong? A bug in pango?



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