[cairo] Erasing A Line

Allen allen.saucier at cas-inc.com
Thu Jun 28 06:18:21 PDT 2007

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the hints.  & yes, I use Gtkmm.  I was thinking of "layers" 
or "surfaces" but being so new I don't really know how to use the 
effectively.  I'm checkout the "examples" right now.

But it sounds like, from what you have said, that I use 1 surface for 
the Background (bg) image, and the "apply" another surface for drawing 
on, which would need to be "clear" or really transparent.  Then I draw 
on the transparency.

Is this correct?

So, more questions!  Does anyone have any code that uses surfaces as 
layers that I might use?

Thanks everyone!  I appreciate your help.

Ivan Baldo wrote:
>  Hello!
> El 27/06/07 17:44, Allen escribió:
>> Could someone possibly tell me how to erase a line once I've drawn 
>> it?    
> Do you use GTK?
> What you can do in GTK is to create an expose event that refreshes the 
> part where the line was before and the part where the line is now, so 
> when you draw, the part where there is no line you draw a background 
> and the part where there is a line you draw the background and the line.
> In GTK every expose event (a redraw of some part or all the picture) 
> is a new Cairo context, so for persistence you can have Cairo surfaces 
> (created with cairo_surface_create_similar()) to draw background or 
> persistent things and the dynamic things (that line that follows 
> mouse) you draw them on the fly.
>> I've tried to determine the "background" color of my Drawing area 
>> widget - it's not white but WILL be a picture eventually - and the 
>> Cairo context info does not show me how to get the background color 
>> before drawing on it.
> So you may start to support that background, instead of asking Cairo 
> to read its contents -> you manage its contents, so you have a 
> background surface and draw things over it, to clear something, just 
> redraw the part you want to clear.
> You may think of it as different "layers".
>> Thanks so much.  I really appreciate this.
> You are welcome!!!
> Hope this helps, don't hesitate to ask again or bring more information!
> Goodbye.

Sincerely, Allen

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