[cairo] [cairo-announce] cairo release 1.4.10 now available

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Jun 28 07:52:35 PDT 2007

Allen writes:
 > Will this version of Cairo work with Cairomm?  Will it work with
 > Gtkmm 2.10.x?

Unless the cairo you have previously is some strangely built one, it
should. Is your cairo DLL called libcairo-2.dll ? What CAIRO_HAS_*
features are listed in your cairo-features.h?

 > And do I install this file under Gtk or Gtkmm?

That you will have to sort out yourself, I don't know what the
directory structures of Cairomm and Gtkmm are... But the point is that
the files from the zip files should replace the older files with the
same name. (Obviously, you should first make backup copies of them


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