[cairo] OutOfMemory errors

Travis Griggs tgriggs at cincom.com
Sat Jun 30 10:29:06 PDT 2007

The Cairo binding for VisualWorks Smalltalk has been picking up  
excitement and more and more people are playing with it.

One of the issues here though is that many of these (rather, most),  
have been Windows users. And I'm getting lots of reports of "out of  
memory" errors. Someone was kind enough to hint to me to the  
situation where the out of memory error code is doubling as a  
"generic backend error" error code. I went and looked at the code and  
could indeed see where at least on Win32, many win32 errors are being  
stderr printf'ed VisualWorks is not usually a program people run from  
a command line where they'll see these messages.

I'm curious what, if anything, could be done to improve the  
situation. I'd even be willing to attempt the code if there was some  
consensus about how to better solve the problem. Would be adding a  
new kind of "BackendSpecificError" be enough of a start?


Travis Griggs
"It had better be a pretty good meeting, to be better than no meeting
at all" - Boyd K Packer

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