[cairo] Problem with pdfs containing fonts with 0x7fff glyphs or more

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov eugen at debian.org
Fri May 11 15:06:12 PDT 2007


While testing my program (uses cairo) with large font files, I found that
sometimes text in created pdfs cannot be displayed with kpdf or xpdf. gv
works for some of the pdfs, but gives errors for others. I do not know
if this is an error in cairo, or in those pdf viewers.

I used fntsample ( http://sf.net/projects/fntsample ) with CODE2000
font (CFF outlines). I start getting problems when try to generate pdf
with the following command:

       fntsample -f CODE2000.TTF -o 1.pdf -i 0x0000-0x8fbc
   (creates pdf with characters in range U+0000-U+8BC,
    file available at http://people.debian.org/~eugen/bad-pdfs/1.pdf)

Fontforge shows that embedded font contains exactly 0x7FFF glyphs. gv is
still able to display this file. Both xpdf and kpdf can display file
with characters in range U+0000-U+8BB
(http://people.debian.org/~eugen/bad-pdfs/2.pdf). kpdf, xpdf and gv
cannot display file that contains all encoded characters from the font
(fntsample without -i, http://people.debian.org/~eugen/bad-pdfs/3.pdf).

Does anyone know, if this is problem in cairo code or in those viewers?

Versions of programs:
  cairo 1.4.6
  kpdf 3.5.6
  xpdf 3.02
  gv 3.6.2
  gs-esp 8.15.3

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov
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