[cairo] PostScript Import / Watch File

Kevin Lynagh klynagh at gmail.com
Thu May 24 09:24:48 PDT 2007

Since Cairo mirrors so many of the PostScript operators, is there a library
of some sort to import PostScript files and display them onscreen? I'm
hoping to use Cairo and Gtk to make a WYSIWYG graph editor --- visually plot
data whilst taking it, arrange TeX-generated labels (which can be easily
embedded into a figure via eps), and do some annotation using simple
PostScript/Cairo operators to draw and color lines. I already have a lot of
the command line functionality to generate PostScript graphs and embed TeX
labels, but I would like to do it visually so one can use the mouse to
arrange things rather than guessing at coordinates in the raw PostScript. As
far as I can tell, I can either keep recompiling a PostScript file and watch
it with a gv-like widget (which I'd need to write, god help me) or mirror
the plot using Cairo and use the command line routines to generate
PostScript at the end. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.


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