[cairo] [cairo-announce] [ANNOUNCE] pixman release 0.11.2 now available

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Sun Jun 8 23:38:10 PDT 2008

A new pixman release 0.11.2 is now available. This is a development
version leading up to a stable 0.12.0 release.

Notable new features in this release include:

        - SSE2 implementations of many compositing ops 
          (André Tupinambá)

        - VMX implementations for many compositing ops
          (Luca Barbato)

        - Opacity based optimization for operators
          (Antoine Azar)

        - A 32 bit region implmentation
          (Søren Sandmann)



        MD5:  1c9008358b86d1ea72ef31ff46510b3c  pixman-0.11.2.tar.gz
        MD5:  7ba370232a93cddfdaac1a0b180b6a92  pixman-0.11.2.tar.bz2
        SHA1: 348a6ed3bbfa353cdd22603ad30e877b17689a06 pixman-0.11.2.tar.gz
        SHA1: de333547164ddfffe5e611d21b614ab9251a90b4 pixman-0.11.2.tar.bz2

GPG signature:
        (signed by Soren Sandmann Pedersen)

        tag: pixman-0.11.2

        Aaron Plattner (13):
              Fix test build when srcdir != builddir.
              Get rid of pixman_composeFunctions_accessors.
              Move combining macros into pixman-combine.c.
              Move combining routines into combine.inc and add a Perl
              rule to generate 
              Tack 32 onto the ends of the combining function types.
              Replace hardcoded numbers and uint*_t in combine.inc.
              Generate 64-bit combining functions.
              Use a macro to append _accessors to things.
              Move the scanline buffer allocation logic into
              Split fetch/fetchPixel/store proc types into 32-bit and
              64-bit versions.
              Add infrastructure for allocating wide scanline
              buffers. Not yet used.
              Use wide compositing functions when wide == 1.
              Fix wide alpha fetch macro.
        Alan Coopersmith (1):
              Fix pixman/Makefile.am to work with Solaris make
        André Tupinambá (1):
              Add SSE2 implementations of many compositing operations.
        Antoine Azar (1):
              Optimize operators based on source or dest opacity.
        Dimitrios Apostolou (1):
              Fix compilation on SGI
        Frederic Plourde (1):
              Add CopyAreammx fast path for argb32 SRC xrgb32 and
              abgr32 SRC xbgr32
        Julien Cristau (3):
              Remove prototype for nonexistent
              pixman-version.h is generated, don't distribute it
              Revert "pixman-version.h is generated, don't distribute
        Luca Barbato (11):
              update patch
              Make configure message alike the mmx/sse/sse2 ones
              Unbreak vmx pixman
              Force inlining
              Refactor path selection
              Simplify cpu feature check
              Remove VMX from CPUFeatures, ppc isn't using it at all
              Remove unused macro
              Split combine.inc generated files in source and header
              Use combine macros from the generated header
              Use sigaction instead of signal to restore the previous
        Oswald Buddenhagen (1):
              fix pixman compile with srcdir != builddir
        Richard Hult (1):
              Add --disable-gtk switch to configure
        Søren Sandmann (33):
              Fix bug in FbStore_b2g3r3
              Require GCC 3.4 for SSE and SSE2.
              Simplify handling compiler handling in MMX code
              Update TODO
              Add support for 8 bit fills in pixman_fill_mmx()
              Work around GCC bug causing crashes in Mozilla with SSE2
              Update TODO
              macroize pixman-region.c
              Add pixman-region16.c; compile that instead of
              Replace pixman_box16_t with box_type_t
              Add point_type_t
              More data types; remove unused stuff
              Delete more unused stuff
              Delete more unused stuff
              Add prefixes to global primitive regions
              Add pixman-region32.c
              Add prototypes for 32 bit region methods
              Fix up types in pixman32-region.c
              Rename pixman-combine.h -> pixman-combin32.h
              Fix forgotten use of pixman-combine.h
              Move PIXMAN_EXPORT into pixman-region.c
              Move all the PIXMAN_EXPORT into .c files
              Some formatting fixing
              Add pixman_region32_copy_from_region16
              Use 32 bit regions internally
              Add pixman_image_set_clip_region32
              Call _mm_empty() at the end of fbComposeSetupSSE
              Fix bug in pixman_compute_composite_region()
              Export pixman_compute_composite_region32() and use it in
              Add infinite loop test
              Fix uses of short variables in pixman-region.c
              Bump version number and make it distcheck
              Bump version number and make it distcheck
        Søren Sandmann Pedersen (4):
              Post-release version bump
              Unbump version number; remove file added to EXTRA_DIST
              Unbump version number
              Bump version number
        Thomas Zimmermann (1):
              Remove trailing comma from enum (bug 15364)
        root (1):
              First import of vmx
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