[cairo] cairo --enable-quartz-font missing cairo-quartz-font.pc

Ryan Schmidt cairo-2008b at ryandesign.com
Tue Jun 10 21:48:43 PDT 2008

On Jun 10, 2008, at 22:57, Travis Griggs wrote:

> Problems I'm seeing:
> + Gradients are no longer drawing completely (not all of them, just  
> some of them).

I haven't heard of this problem.

> + My Pango based text editor just draws squares for all chars now

2 people reported this to me, and they both said the cairo-quartz- 
font.pc fix fixed it for them.



Are you sure that didn't fix it for you? Have you upgraded to cairo  
1.6.4_1 and then reinstalled all cairo dependents (such as pango)?

> + I can't build cairo with +universal

I noticed this too:


I asked this list:


The issue may have been fixed for the next release:


Or the fix may have just bypassed the real issue:


> The first 2 are regressions from former versions.

The +universal variant worked with 1.4.x so this is a regression too.

> Was really just hoping it was a known set o' bugs and new releases  
> would be out soon.

For bugs known to the MacPorts project, you can always search the  
MacPorts issue tracker:


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