[cairo] Report and question from the Cairo/XCB beginner camp

Felix Rabe public at felixrabe.textdriven.com
Mon Jun 16 15:44:32 PDT 2008

I made a corrected version of the example.

1. no border - the border confused poor composited window manager
2. do xcb_clear_area - I somehow didn't see its usefulness when I made
the example, but it only renders correctly when used.

Felix Rabe wrote:
> Hi
> [ I'm reading all this stuff about speedy text-based email clients and
> slow graphical equivalents on lwn.net and it's getting tiresome.  I want
> speedy graphics (to render and to use) and let the console R.I.P. ]
> With this motivation I tried more to improve my Cairo/XCB skills and cut
> my stupid example down to the almost bare minimum, by basing it on the
> tutorial included in libxcb/doc/tutorial/index.html, and by pasting in
> the Cairo bits from the non-functional example I posted here some days ago.
> Question - Can we do something about get_root_visual_type(), like,
> remove it?  It looks too big for something so simple / so boilerplate.
> Is (something like) it in / can it be put into: XCB or Cairo?
> Of course, it's 130 lines of code - on one hand too much for almost no
> functionality, on the other hand it's to be expected at such a low
> level.  I'm longing for some free time to look more closely at
> vpri.org's work (esp. fonc) in the near future.
> Greetings,
> Felix
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