[cairo] Path manipulation functions

Michael Droettboom mdroe at stsci.edu
Fri Jun 27 09:57:35 PDT 2008

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>> If not, someone knows of a specific project fulfilling these
>> needs?
> No modern ones that I know of.  I'd love to see such a project built
> aside/on-top of cairo.
> Projects like Inkscape have all the needed code.  Someone should sit
> down and make a decent library out of it.
Inkscape is currently working on integrating lib2geom (and thereby 
replacing some its its built-in functionality).  It appears to provide 
all of the functionality Nicola listed. 

I've never used it, and I'm just a lurker around Inkscape, so this isn't 
an endorsement.  But might be worth a look.


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