[cairo] eps file

Adrian Johnson ajohnson at redneon.com
Tue May 13 06:19:56 PDT 2008

Paolo Chiodi wrote:
> Hi all, i'm new to this mailing list and to cairo graphics.
> I need to develop an application that creates a pdf by importing some
> vector images from eps file.
> I've tried some tools but none succesfully (usually the tools i've
> tried need to rasterize the image, others generate bad page layout).
> My last idea was to use cairo with pdf surface to create my pdf
> document. then my question is: can cairo imports eps image? does it
> rasterize the image or keep it vector-based?

The way to do this to first convert the EPS file to PDF using 
Ghostscript then render the PDF using poppler. When using poppler to 
create output from any of the cairo vector backends such as PS and PDF 
the vectors will not be rasterized.

I have added an example of how to use poppler for rendering PDF files to 
the wiki:


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