[cairo] XCB and Cairo: example code

Felix Rabe public at felixrabe.textdriven.com
Sun May 18 14:21:47 PDT 2008

Hi there,

I tried to get a further understanding of what's involved in getting XCB
and Cairo to work together - and which Google search terms will fit my
goals :)  I mainly post this here for other Googlers to find what I
found, maybe a little bit earlier.

So after I found (old, not recommended, but I looked at it anyway)

I searched again and found
by http://cairographics.org/examples/
( you have to go to http://git.thisnukes4u.net/ , git-clone won't
connect on my machine - and it's a one-commit one-file project anyway :) )

I'm too tired to continue looking for bugs.  Of course the first example
is only worth looking at and won't compile ; the second example compiles
but will segfault most of the time before doing anything (funny that it
didn't when I started it the first time, or I would not have tried a
second time...) ; and my code (attached; as I did some cut'n'pasting
from the above two sources, I'm not claiming any rights and probably
already violate copyright anyway - oh well, who cares...) will compile,
run - but only flicker the "hello world" when you resize the window.

And thanks Behdad for the font work - I'm intending to look into
"zooming interfaces", and it certainly helps aesthetics if font
rendering does not get into the way while zooming.  (Or: If it's
Getting-Into-The-Way is optional :) .)

- Felix
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