[cairo] segfault when loading SVG in a thread.

fab fab fabounet03 at gmail.com
Fri May 23 04:14:28 PDT 2008

Hello, I may have noticed a bug in the loading of SVG files. Here is what
I've done :
I browse a folder containing images only (it's the "openclipart" package).
Each second I launch a thread that basically creates a context from a
GtkWindow, creates a surface from the current image's path and this context,
destroy the context and quite the thread. Nothing more, I don't even free
the surface after, it's just for testing.
When there are only PNG in the folder there is no problem, even with big
images like screenshots.
but when I load SVG, for some images it systematicaly crashes with a "Xlib
error : asynchronous reply". It only and always happens on the same files,
even if I browse the folder randomy. I've opened these files with inkscape,
they have nothing special, they are not heavy to load in terms of SVG.
If I run the program with ddd it stops nowhere, but the last call is in
"xcb". I wonder why there is a need to make a request to X to load a SVG
image, and especially why xcb ? because of the context ? but if I create a
context as a global variable before running the loop and use it in the
thread, the result is the same.
I've made the tests with libcairo 1.6.0 on an Ubuntu 8.04, many other users
have confirmed the crash.
Thanks in advance for your help !
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