[cairo] strange trapezoid produced by cairo

kammal kamalneet at gmail.com
Wed May 28 03:07:18 PDT 2008

I ran cairo's tests with our xserver implementation. For the
unantialiased-shapes test, one of the trapezoids produced by cairo is:
{top=150 bottom=200 left={x1=200 y1=120 x2=225 y2=200};right={x1=240 y1=150
x2=175 y2=200};}
which looks something like http://kamalneet.googlepages.com/strange-trap.png

Is this a valid trapezoid? By the definitions I read, this does not seem to
be correct. Or maybe this is what a "concave trapezoid" is.

The XRender specification says, "All trapezoids must be convex.  Rendering
of concave trapezoids is unspecified
except that the result must obey the clipping rules."

Is this a bug in cairo, or I am not taking care of something?

I'll be thankful if someone sheds a light on this issue.

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